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    Devise Integration

    Posted by Ben Jackson on Nov 18th | 0 comments | 0 attachments

    Devise integration is now complete, sort of. The gem won't be released until the neo4j gem is up to date with the changes, but the fixes came at a cost of other functionality so we'll have to see when that will happen. This ticket explains what those changes are:

    For now, the gem can be tried directly from Github: The Gemfile there lists the branch in my neo4j fork that allows all the Devise tests to pass (well, nearly all), which is the branch at


    To install, checkout the devise-neo4j files from Github. In the devise-neo4j directory, install the dependencies with bundle install.

    Running the tests

    Run the tests by setting an environment variable called DEVISE_PATH that points to where the devise gem is installed, which you can find with bundle show devise. Then simply run rake.

    There is one teeny test still failing that looks like it may be a Rails bug according to the information found when googling for the problem.

      test/integration/lockable_test.rb:46:in `test_unlocked_pages_should_not_be_available_if_email_strategy_is_disabled'
      undefined method `new_admin_unlock_path' for #<LockTest:0x351f0d>

    There is this related issue here:, which may explain it.

    Thursday Nov 18

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