Changeset [4399a28b253996571c476ac195080e7dd9d0cf11] by Martin Kleppmann

June 17th, 2009 @ 11:46 AM

Fix spurious test failures

The 'Person' class in rest_spec.rb was getting redefined by other specs, causing rest_spec.rb to fail unless it was run in isolation. Fixed by redeclaring the Person class before each test (like e.g. node_mixin_spec.rb does too).

Committed by Martin Kleppmann

  • M test/rest/rest_spec.rb
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Neo4j.rb is a graph database framework for JRuby.

It provides:

* Mapping of ruby objects to nodes in networks rather than in tables.
* Storage of ruby object to a file system.
* Fast traversal of relationships between nodes in a hugh node space.
* Transaction with rollbacks support.
* Indexing and quering of ruby objects.
* Integration with Rails