Changeset [56c8af7c93621927457e160340b5750731317d31] by Brian Underwood

May 8th, 2014 @ 07:02 AM

A good start on putting OrmAdapter back into neo4j gem. Requiring shared specs from orm_adapter and using with defined Neo4j::ActiveNode models (thanks @ni-ka ). Still some work to go to getting the shared specs passing including, I think, defining a way to query relationships as part of querying a model. This is probably enough to get neo4j-devise gem running, but would also like to finish.

Committed by Brian Underwood

  • A lib/neo4j/active_node/orm_adapter.rb
  • A spec/integration/orm_adapter/neo4j_spec.rb
  • M lib/neo4j.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/active_node/has_n.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/active_node/has_n/decl_rel.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/active_node/identity.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/active_node/labels.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/active_node/property.rb
  • M neo4j.gemspec
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Neo4j.rb is a graph database framework for JRuby.

It provides:

* Mapping of ruby objects to nodes in networks rather than in tables.
* Storage of ruby object to a file system.
* Fast traversal of relationships between nodes in a hugh node space.
* Transaction with rollbacks support.
* Indexing and quering of ruby objects.
* Integration with Rails