Changeset [c5e2be71f2e36882981133aeb40278437c17fc57] by Andreas Ronge

April 14th, 2011 @ 10:34 PM

Got some RSpecs working with validates_associated for Neo4j::Rails::Model [#156]

class Person < Neo4j::Rails::Model

# will validate both relationship objects between person and the friend and
# the friend node
validates_associated :friends


Not implemented yet support for has_one. More specs needed.

Committed by Andreas Ronge

  • A spec/rails/relationship_validation.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/rails/relationship.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/rails/relationships/relationships.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/rails/relationships/storage.rb
  • M lib/neo4j/rails/validations/associated.rb
  • M spec/rails/relationship_spec.rb
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Neo4j.rb is a graph database framework for JRuby.

It provides:

* Mapping of ruby objects to nodes in networks rather than in tables.
* Storage of ruby object to a file system.
* Fast traversal of relationships between nodes in a hugh node space.
* Transaction with rollbacks support.
* Indexing and quering of ruby objects.
* Integration with Rails